The People Behind DesignFiX

DesignFiX is a product of ZiWu-Soft. We develop anchor design programs for many manufacturers of fastening Systems since 1994. The DesignFiX team provides support 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, in 2 languages.

We are Here to Help

by phone, email, and in person

Dr. Rainer Mallée

Project Leader Anchor design

  • Development Anchor Design
  • Approval Administration
  • Process Monitoring
  • Documentation

Mario Noack

Project Leader Programming

  • Industrial Computer Science
  • Database Management
  • Anchor Design
  • Documentation

Peter Wurst

Managing Director

  • Business informatics
  • Finances & Controlling
  • Quality & Process monitoring
  • Database Architecture
  • Server Management

Stefan Ziegler

Managing Director

  • Industrial Computer Science
  • Development User Interface
  • Anchor Design
  • Image Processing
  • Documentation
  • Project Management 30%
  • Master Data Management 40%
  • Quality Management 25%
  • Customer Technical Support 5%
  • Programming DesignFiX 60%
  • Programming Internet 20%
  • Database Management 15%
  • Customer Technical Support 5%
  • Project Management 60%
  • Quality Management 5%
  • DesignFiX Marketing 30%
  • Customer Support 5%
  • Programming DesignFiX 40%
  • Programming Internet 15%
  • Master Data Management 40%
  • Customer Technical Support 5%

Timely Support

We are happy to offer support in all questions regarding the design of your products.
We like to help you.

Innovative Ideas

Benefit and learn from our ideas in the field of anchor design. DesignFiX was specially developed for the needs of your customers.

Advanced Technology

For us it is especially important that your customers can perform a reliable design of your products as simple as possible.


Clear Communication

Of course, your customers may contact us with any questions concerning the anchor design. We will be happy to help you.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the fixing design.

Shear loads perpendicular to slotted holes

The European design guidelines for anchors (ETAG 001, Annex C for mechanical and ETAG 001, Technical Report TR 029 for chemical anchors) describe in section the influence of slotted holes on the distribution of shear loads:
“Slotted holes in the direction of the shear load prevent anchors to take up shear loads. This can be favourable in case of fastenings close to an edge.”

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Sharpen your profile

DesignFiX contains a database with common profiles which will be expanded continuously. With the function Profile you can select the type and the size of the profile welded to the base plate. ETAG 001, Annex C and TR 029 contain no detailed information on the...

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What is DesignFiX?

DesignFiX is an all-purpose anchor design program for manufacturers of fasteners for free distribution to their clients such as engineers, planners or craftsmen. By using the program, the clients can design mechanical and chemical heavy duty anchors under static loads and under the influence of earthquake.

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