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By using this design program free of charge, you agree with the following license agreements:


License Agreements:

This design program DesignFiX is a product of the company ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH, Germany. It is protected by a copyright. All rights are reserved. Retro-development, decoding or decompilation of the software is prohibited. This also applies to sale and resale of the program. Changes of individual files pertaining to this program are prohibited or require previous approval by the holder of copyright.

Exclusion of Warranty and Liability:

We wish to advise that errors in the software program cannot be fully excluded due to the state of the art. The company ZiWu-Soft EDV Systeme GmbH, to the legally permissible extent, excludes any warranty for the software and undertakes no liability for the total exclusion of errors in the dimensioning results obtained by using the software, for the full usability of the software for a specific purpose or for the total nonexistence of viruses. The user is obligated to check the input values and the dimensioning results and to verify them against applicable data and documents (dimensioning provisions, standards and approval certificates) for plausibility. He shall have sole responsibility for the dimensioning results obtained by using the software. The licensee shall indemnify the licensor and his personnel from claims of the licensee and of third parties in connection with potential data or program errors of the program. We also wish to point out that whenever a new program version is issued, all previous program versions shall become invalid.


Data Protection:
The following information will be transmitted to the software producer during any live update:

Version DesignFiX Build No.

Windows version

Memory available to Windows

Screen: Resolution and dpi

Color range: Windows standard

Computer name and Windows registration

GUID, user account data


These data shall be used exclusively for program development and will not be disclosed to third parties.


Please note:

For the purpose of eliminating or trapping all risks of conflict, we have checked the existing software thoroughly. If you should incur any problem with our software, please inform us under the following contact address:


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