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In the product selection, all products which fulfill the conditions of the product filter are listed in a tree structure.



The product tree is structured as follows:

Manufacturer/product family


Anchor material (gvz, A4, HCR …)


Product/size + anchorage depth + state of the design + utilization

The top level of the tree shows the manufacturer or its product families, including product images. If we expand a family, then all anchor materials of the selected family will be displayed in the second label of the structure (e. g., gvz = galvanized steel, A4 = stainless steel A4, HCR = high corrosion resistant steel, …). If we expand one of these anchor materials, then all product sizes, the corresponding anchorage depths, the state of the design (Error12 = invalid design result, Ok12 = valid design result) and the utilization for tension, shear and combined tension and shear will be displayed in the third level of the structure. A blue triangle at the bottom right of the value of the embedment depth refers to an injection system with variable anchorage depths. Clicking on this triangle opens an input window where you may enter the anchorage depth. The utilization corresponds to the percentage utilization of the product for tension, shear and combined tension and shear.


The status bar at the bottom of the product selection offers different functions:


Print preview

This function opens the print preview.


Structure of the product families

With this function the tree structure of all anchor families is fully expanded or collapsed. The selection of the current product will not be changed. E. g., if all levels were expanded for the current product then this remains obtained in the extended structure. If the tree is completely reduced, however, then the same is true for the current product.


Structure of the material

With this function the second level of the tree structure (anchor material) is fully expanded or collapsed. Also in this case, the presentation the selected product does not change.


Structure of the product

With this function all levels of the tree structure are fully expanded or collapsed. The current view of the selected product is here again not changed.


This function shows / hides the product images.


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