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The tab START in the module module Anchor Design contains four groups:


Home Intro
guides you to the Start page of DesignFiX.
Selection of the design method
Depending on the installed manufacturer or supplier all currently available design methods are listed here. By selecting the design method, you determine the products that are available for the design.
Selection of the units
DesignFiX performs calculations in SI units (common in Europe) or imperial units (commonly used in the USA). Please select here your preferred units for the design. The units can also be altered at any time in the 3D-Model. [mm, kN, KNm] / [inch, lb, ft-lb]


Save project
your current project is saved directly without further inquiry.
If no file name is present the save dialog is opened. You will find the function Save project 3-times in the user interface with the same functionality. This serves to an easier and quicker operation.

Edit project
You can provide your design result/printout with additional information. This information are also displayed in the print preview. For your own logo we recommend a dimension of 320 x 95 pixel. Larger images will be scaled automatically.

New project
This function guides you to the backstage-area to the function Section New and provides a gallery of predefined projects to be opened.
Alternatively you can „neutralize“ your project by different functions, e.g.:
  • Remove all existing loads and moments
  • Remove the profile
  • Remove bending of the anchor


Displays the help system.
This function leads you to the homepage
We will be delighted if you like DesignFiX and
if you recommend us on
This function guides you to the tutorials on YouTube.
There you will find more tips and tricks for the operation of DesignFiX.

DesignFiX Information
If you select a product on the left side of the user interface then the logo of the manufacturer will be displayed at the right edge of the ribbon bar that contains further information. If DesignFiX finds a LiveUpdate then this information will appear at this point by means of an additional link.

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