Useful examples, typical design situations in DesignFiX


DesignFiX considers important design standards and regulations and therefore, can be used in many countries worldwide. All loads and dimensions can be displayed and handled in metric and imperial units.


Safe and reliable

DesignFiX recognizes incorrect inputs with respect to geometrical conditions and provides adequate suggestions for improvement. Thereby, the working time is reduced to a minimum. The verifiable printout gives you the opportunity to trace each calculation step of the program. This gives you the confidence that your design results are complete and understandable.


Clear and flexible

Alternatively, DesignFiX provides a tabular data entry or an entry directly in the 3D-view. The graphic can be rotated, swivelled, tilted and zoomed easily by mouse or touch-input. DesignFiX displays the actual use of capacity of the fastening and of the geometrical conditions at any time.

DesignFiX Case Study

The solutions for your company

DesignFiX Case Study

These are the features for your anchors

User Interface

  • Intuitive
  • Permanent visible information
  • Use of capacity in real time
  • Clear product structure

Design Result

  • Automatic multiple design
  • Fast result preview
  • Auto-corrections


  • Fast PDF preview
  • Verifiable printout
  • Detailed proofs

DesignFiX Screenshots

The three main screens at a glance:
Home, Product selection, 3D model

The start page appears in the Windows 10 tile design with three main groups:


Managing projects, updates and manufacturer information

Project management, LiveUpdate, start anchor design, manufacturer information

Selection of DesignFiX design modules

Anchor Design, Rail Design, Rebar Design, Masonry Design

Optional settings, training videos, help system

Help system, Program settings, Suppliers/products, About DesignFiX, News, Touchscreen support

Coming from the start page all subsequent user interfaces contain a ribbon bar with module dependent content. The ribbon bar is divided thematically (tab) and offers various functions (button) and selection mechanisms (ComboBox, dialogues, etc.). The individual functions are grouped together and associated categories are highlighted in colors. When a function is temporarily not visible or is shown to be inactive, this function is not available or not suitable for your current design process. This behavior facilitates the first step and the handling of DesignFiX and protects you from misuse.

In the product selection, all products which fulfill the conditions of the product filter are listed in a tree structure.

Manufacturer/product family

Anchor material (gvz, A4, HCR …)

+ Anchorage depth
+ State of the design
+ Utilization of capacity

The top level of the tree shows the manufacturer or its product families, including product images. If we expand a family, then all anchor materials of the selected family will be displayed in the second label of the structure (e. g., gvz = galvanized steel, A4 = stainless steel A4, HCR = high corrosion resistant steel, etc.). If we expand one of these anchor materials, then all product sizes, the corresponding anchorage depths, the state of the design (Error12 = invalid design result, Ok12 = valid design result) and the utilization for tension, shear and combined tension and shear will be displayed in the third level of the structure. A blue triangle at the bottom right of the value of the embedment depth indicates an injection system with variable anchorage depths. Clicking on this triangle opens an input window where you may enter the anchorage depth. The utilization corresponds to the percentage utilization of the product for tension, shear and combined tension and shear.

The 3D-Model shows your application including concrete component (base material), attachment, anchor layout, profile and loads. Based on this information a design is carried out for the selected anchor in real time at any change of the entered data and the result is displayed in the status bar.

DesignFiX - FEM-Module

The calculation of the anchor plate thickness is included in the module “Anchor Design

DesignFiX offers a Finite Element Program (FEM) for the calculation of the base plate thickness. This program is only active if a profile is present, a valid design result is available and at least one anchor is loaded in tension. Steel type and corresponding yield strength fyk can be selected or entered user-defined on the tab ANCHOR LAYOUT. The ‘FEM calculation’ is started with the function FEM calculation on the tab CALCULATION. You may accept the result with the function ‘Adopt thickness’. Then the accepted base plate thickness is used in the printout.

In Black On White

This result will impress you

In Black On White

This result will impress you

Only the result is important

DesignFiX offers two functions to display the print preview:

  • In the ribbon bar on the tab CALCULATION
  • In the status bar of the product selection.

Printout with many options

The function construction_progress-edit16Edit project in the status bar of the print preview guides you to the program area where you may edit information such as name, company, sender, recipient, etc.

Customer Spotlights

Don’t just take it from us, see what what our customers have to say.

Mit DesignFiX können wir unseren Kunden ein zuverlässiges Tool anbieten, das ihnen bei der effizienten Umsetzung ihrer Projekte hilft. Die benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche und Echtzeitbemessung ermöglicht eine schnelle Auswahl der richtigen Betonschrauben aus unserem Sortiment für verschiedene Bemessungssituationen. Unsere Kunden sind von der Funktionalität begeistert und schätzen die regelmäßigen Live-Updates, die sie stets auf dem neuesten Stand halten.

Nikolai Sklarov

Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau, TOGE Dübel GmbH & Co. KG

Fosroc is renowned for first-class customer support, it was clear that one of our market requirements was not just for great products, but also the capability to help our customers. Integrating our new range of Lokfix anchors with DesignFiX has been a fantastic part of the delivery of this service solution. The software is intuitive to use and has great features. The global launch of Fosroc’s Lokfix E range of chemical anchors has been a big success and user downloads are increasing month on month since the launch.

Paul Bravery

Global Product Segment Manager, FOSROC

Sympafix is a young company providing anchoring solutions for the professional user. The product range includes high quality injection mortars, throughbolts, concrete screws and other heavy duty anchors.
The DesignFiX software is of great value to ourselves and our customers for its easy use, versatility and reliability. Also the support from the DesignFiX team, especially Rainer, is of great value to us.

Jos Verkaik

Commercial Director, Sympafix

Essve is a large supplier of fasteners in the countries in northern Europe, the Baltics and Poland. We wanted to have a design software for our range of concrete fasteners. The choice of company to support us was ZiWu-Soft. We are very satisfied with the co-operation with the people at ZiWu-Soft. They have an information system that makes it easy to communicate with each other. They are fast to act on questions and they have great knowledge in the design of concrete fasteners. We are satisfied with the software and have now released it. Like a house, a computer program is never completed. We are looking forward working with ZiWu-Soft also in the future.
Mats Svensson

Mats Svensson

MSc Civil Engineering, Project Engineer Fasteners, Essve Sweden AB

Wir sind von der Funktionalität und dem Preis-/ Leistungsverhältnis von DesignFiX begeistert. Die permanenten Updates garantieren uns, eine Software anbieten zu können, die immer auf dem neuestem Stand ist, ohne selber aktiv werden zu müssen. Wir können unseren Kunden damit eine für uns kostengünstige und professionelle Möglichkeit bieten, die gängigsten Bemessungen durchzuführen. Mit der Echtzeitbemessung kann der Anwender unmittelbar die Auswirkungen einer Änderung seiner Anwendung sehen und bewerten. Der Service und die Betreuung durch das DesignFiX Team sind ausgezeichnet. Wir brauchen uns um nichts zu kümmern. Das spart Zeit und Ressourcen. star_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellow

Philipp Strater

Leiter Anwendungstechnik und Zulassungen, Chemofast Anchoring GmbH

We have experienced the DesignFiX team as a team of true professionals, with all needed skills to create something smart and professional like DesignFiX. Special thanks and respect to Dr. Mallée, the 'silent' brain of the team. He really makes the difference.
They implemented for us over 30 different comprehensive Ter Laare ETA approved anchor families (chemical & mechanical) and now, after 6 months of experience we and - more important - many of our customers are very excited working with DesignFiX. The whole functionality of the program, the well-known Windows construction, the nice graphics, the real-time interface and the many filter options, it all makes it very easy to create a fast and professional anchor plan.

Keep up the good work!

Arno ter Laare

Managing Director, Ter Laare B.V.

DesignFiX has increased our company profile as a true professional organisation, offering a complete solution for the selection and installation of Anchors. We really feel our offering has increased and would like to say a big thank you to all of the team. It's been a pleasure right from our initial contacts in working with you all and you continue to offer your support and expertise.

Piotr Malinowski

Managing Director, Trutek Fasteners Polska

Construction Anchors
I would like to pass my thanks and those of our company for the help and assistance on setting up our software calculation program. You have a fantastic team and clearly very competent in the field of anchor technology and IT. The DesignFiX program will help our organization to develop our product for the OEM customers in Europe and around the world where we work.
I will for sure be recommending your program and your company to our various customers.
Many thanks and regards.
Amy Huang

Amy Huang

Regional Sales Manager, Construction Anchors Co., LTD.

The implementation of the DesignFiX anchor dimensioning suite within the Walraven group was a textbook example of success. For this, we are thankful to ZiWu-Soft's team. Their professional attitude, fast response times and a well-structured methodology ensured that the software deployment was smooth, on budget and on time. Their authority and expertise in anchor design is equally reassuring. Without question, we can recommend ZiWu-Soft as a supplier and as a partner for the long term.

Ignas Savickas

Sr. Product Manager, Walraven Europe B.V.

Working with DesignFiX as a consultant for Trutek I have been able to update the calculation program and technical information with the minimum of effort. The support I was given by DesignFiX in the early stages, while learning how to update the program, was well organised and very informative. The use of their program ensures that the Trutek products are well supported and can be included in any design with the use of a well designed and user friendly software program.

Brian Deluce

Owner, Construction Fixings Consultant

DesignFiX has allowed us to bring the VJ Technology range of Chemical resins to our customers in an anchor software calculation program that's interface is easy to use, provides detailed graphics and performance reports that are extremely informative. With its live updates it allows us to keep the programs ETAs and information up to date and the potential to add new functionality going forward.
Mr Ziegler, Dr Mallée and the team have been extremely helpful in the setup of the software and provided informative training.
Engineer feedback has been very positive and we look forward to working with DesignFiX in the future.

Chris Kemsley

Technical assistant, VJ Technology Ltd

Bemessungssoftware soll einfach und umfassend sein. Lange haben wir nach solch einem Programm gesucht. Seit nunmehr über einem Jahr ist DesignFiX bei uns und bei unseren Kunden in der Anwendung. Unsere zugelassenen Metall- und Chemiedübel werden über die Software auf sehr einfache, schnelle und sichere Art berechnet. Die Echtzeitbemessung zeigt sofort jede Veränderung, die während der Bemessung durchgeführt wird. Das ist ein Novum und hilft uns und unseren Kunden sehr bei der Optimierung der Dübelbemessung. Danke für die hervorragende Einführung und Betreuung durch das ganze Team, vor allem durch Hr. Ziegler und Hr. Dr. Mallée, das war während der Anfangszeit eine große Erleichterung. Der Service ist ausgezeichnet, jedes Update, jede Neuerung ist sofort auf dem Schirm. Das bringt das Programm auf sehr professionelle und einfache Art ohne Mehraufwand immer auf den neuesten Stand. Hier stimmt das Preis- und Leistungsverhältnis.
Joachim Fehrenbach, Anwendungstechnik

Joachim Fehrenbach

Staatl. gepr. Techniker (Hochbau), EFCO Befestigungstechnik AG

ICCONS is a proud supplier of World Leading European assessed products to the Australasian market. DesignFiX allows our customers to select multiple anchoring products from ICCONS growing portfolio of suppliers and compare design options within a single software platform. ICCONS is extremely proud to be working alongside the DesignFiX team with what we believe is one of the most advanced yet user-friendly anchor design software packages available. DesignFiX software users receive regular updates with key product and feature updates ensuring their design is as current as possible. The recent addition of Seismic design options has allowed ICCONS to provide solutions for projects across Australia and New Zealand. ICCONS is very excited to be part of the DesignFiX development and look forward to additional modules being incorporated as the software evolves. DesignFiX is a key component of ICCONS long-term engineering and support strategy.

Andrew Watts

Technical Manager, ICCONS - Serious Connections


Klimas Wkręt-met is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality fastening techniques in Poland as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. In response to market requirement company launched new, fully professional chemical anchors system. In order to offer customers a comprehensive solution we decided to provide modern calculation program together with the anchors. DesignFiX turned out hit in bull’s eye. It is a very user friendly and intuitive, additionally fully professional computing platform for both installers and structural engineers. New anchors together with new program bring our offer at the premium level.

Implementation phase was extremely easy and fast, thanks to the constant assistance of ZiWu-Soft. Special thanks to Stefan Ziegler for help and patience. Hoping for long lasting co-operation we are looking forward to the next modules.
Many thanks

Sewer Malesiński

Product Manager, Klimas Sp. z o.o.

We use DesignFiX to promote our chemical anchoring systems by making the software available for all our clients. The feedback we get is that DesignFiX is very user friendly and easy to learn how to operate. Espacially the clear look and layout of the software is a big plus. I enjoyed working with Rainer Mallée when we were designing the software to our need and supplying our data, but everyboy working at DesignFiX has been very helpfull. We are looking forward working with DesingFiX in the future.

Alex Verhagen

Construction Engineer, B+BTec

We have been offering the design software DesignFIX on our website for free download for more than 6 months. The software includes all approved metal and chemical anchors of Apolo MEA. Great advantages are the fast real-time calculation, the very good graphics and the outstanding functionality; those points are also confirmed by users. The cooperation with the whole team, especially to mention Mr Ziegler, Dr. Mallée and Mr Noack was great during the implementation phase. We are looking forward to the other modules and believe in a long-lasting partnership.

Achim Ruppertz

Leiter Technik und Marketing, Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme