DesignFiX Project TRUTEK

Manufacturer of fastening systems


Trutek Fasteners Polska Sp. z o.o.
Al. Krakowska 55
05-090 Raszyn


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Trutek Fasteners Polska Sp. z o.o.

Available product families in DesignFiX

No.ProductAnchor family / anchor designETAIssuedProperties
1GAInjection System TCM CPROETA-19/014102/28/2019  
2GAInjection System TCM CPRO + RebarETA-19/014102/28/2019  
3GAInjection System TCM MPROETA-19/015303/06/2019  
4GASpin In CapsulesETA-21/107812/30/2021  
5GATCM A Arctic Injection ResinETA-20/014802/07/2020  
6GATCM A Arctic Injection Resin + RebarETA-20/014802/07/2020  
7GATCM PE Epoxy ResinETA-20/005901/15/2020  
8GATCM PE Epoxy Resin + RebarETA-20/005901/15/2020  
9GATCM PROETA-12/012905/15/2013  
10GATCM PRO + RebarETA-12/012905/15/2013  
11GATCM100 & TCM500ETA-20/005907/10/2023 
12GATCM100 & TCM500 + REBARETA-20/005907/10/2023  
14GATCM585RE ReBarETA-16/037106/06/2016 
16GATCMPRO+ + RebarETA-23/005102/14/2023  
17GATAB F Concrete ScrewETA-21/015002/10/2021  
18GATAB HE Concrete ScrewETA-19/077401/28/2020  
19GATT G ThroughboltETA-22/022505/18/2022  
20GATT ThroughboltETA-20/067508/18/2020  
21GATX ThroughboltETA-20/093312/21/2020  
22GATXSS ThroughboltETA-20/093312/21/2020  

DesignFiX has increased our company profile as a true professional organisation, offering a complete solution for the selection and installation of Anchors. We really feel our offering has increased and would like to say a big thank you to all of the team. It’s been a pleasure right from our initial contacts in working with you all and you continue to offer your support and expertise.

Piotr Malinowski

Managing Director, Trutek Fasteners Polska