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Manufacturer of fastening systems


CELO Befestigungssysteme GmbH
Industriestraße 6
D-86551 Aichach

Available product families in DesignFiX for Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH

No.ProductAnchor family / anchor designETAIssuedProperties
1GAResiFIX Epoxyacrylat Express SFETA-12/010703/24/2017  
2GAResiFIX Epoxyacrylat EY SFETA-12/010703/24/2017  
3GAResiFIX Polyester PY SFETA-17/072108/28/2017  
4GAResiFIX Pure EpoxyETA-09/037306/01/2018 
5GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy (50 Jahre)ETA-22/024606/03/2022  
6GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy (50 Jahre)_RebarETA-22/024606/03/2022  
7GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy plus (100 Years)ETA-19/020102/25/2022 
8GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy plus (100 Jahre)_Diamond drillETA-19/020102/25/2022  
9GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy plus (100 Jahre)_Dimond drill_RebarETA-19/020102/25/2022  
10GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy plus (100 Years)_RebarETA-19/020102/25/2022 
11GAResiFIX Pure Epoxy RebarETA-09/037306/01/2018 
12GAResiFIX Vinylester ECO SFETA-20/006601/28/2020 
13GAResiFIX Vinylester VY Cool SFETA-10/013412/15/2016 
14GAResiFIX Vinylester VY SFETA-10/013412/15/2016 
15GAResiFIX Vinylester VY SF RebarETA-10/013412/15/2016 
16GAConcrete screw BTS BETA-16/047010/06/2016 
17GAConcrete screw BTS STETA-16/047010/06/2016 
18GAQuick-Fix anchor BA A4ETA-15/036106/17/2015  
19GAQuick-Fix anchor BA plusETA-12/014202/08/2016  
20GAQuick-Fix anchor BA plus DIN440ETA-12/014206/20/2013  
21GAQuick-Fix anchor BAZETA-10/028009/08/2016 
22GAQuick-Fix anchor BAZETA-10/028007/15/2020 
23GAQuick-Fix anchor BAZ plusETA-20/009403/13/2020 
24GAQuick-fix anchor BAZ-HETA-20/133003/02/2021  
25GASleeve anchor Dnbolt DTETA-15/050809/23/2015  
26GASleeve anchor Dnbolt DVETA-15/050809/23/2015  
27GADrop-In anchor SA plusETA-13/037206/13/2013  
28GADrop-In anchor SA plus with lipETA-13/037206/13/2013  
29GAHeavy duty anchor SLA BETA-17/033705/03/2017 
30GAHeavy duty anchor SLA CETA-17/033705/03/2017 
31GAHeavy duty anchor SLA SETA-17/033705/03/2017 
32GAForced expansion anchor ZABETA-15/035607/08/2015  
33GAForced expansion anchor ZASETA-15/035607/08/2015  

Check out what our customers say about us:

We have been offering the design software DesignFIX on our website for free download for more than 6 months. The software includes all approved metal and chemical anchors of Apolo MEA. Great advantages are the fast real-time calculation, the very good graphics and the outstanding functionality; those points are also confirmed by users. The cooperation with the whole team, especially to mention Mr Ziegler, Dr. Mallée and Mr Noack was great during the implementation phase. We are looking forward to the other modules and believe in a long-lasting partnership.

Achim Ruppertz

Leiter Technik und Marketing, Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme