DesignFiX Project PROFAST

Manufacturer of fastening systems



PROFAST Ankersystemen B.V.B.A.
Heikant 11, 3930 Hamont-Achel, België




Corporate Identity Design

PROFAST Anchor design

Available product families in DesignFiX for PROFAST

No.ProductAnchor family / anchor designETAIssuedProperties
1GAV-PRO 170 InjectiemortelETA-17/085710/12/2017  
2GAV-PRO 200 InjectiemortelETA-18/0278  
3GAV-PRO 200 Injectiemortel + WapeningETA-18/027811/13/2020 
4GAV-PRO 270 InjectiemortelETA-18/018005/17/2018  
5GAX-PRO 500 InjectiemortelETA-17/086410/12/2017  

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Why Choose DesignFiX?

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Why Choose DesignFiX?

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Why Choose DesignFiX?

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DesignFiX - Anchor Design

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DesignFiX - Anchor Design

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This Trial version is designed primarily for anchor manufacturers and distributors, and includes the product range of a virtual company called Your Company. The demo version contains mechanical and chemical anchors which can be designed in accordance with ETAG 001, Annex C, TR 029 and TR 045. More information about installation and system requirements.