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Manufacturer of fastening systems


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12-18 Produce Drive,
Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175


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Available product families in DesignFiX for ICCONS Pty Ltd.

No.ProductAnchor familyETAIssuedProperties
1GAChemical Capsule Anchor VD-Q (B+BTec)ETA-14/029608/04/2014  
2GABIS E (B+BTec)ETA-20/078311/13/2020  
3GABIS E Rebar (B+BTec)ETA-20/078311/13/2020  
4GAInjection system BIS-HY GEN2 (B+BTec)ETA-19/013103/13/2019 
5GAInjection system BIS-HY GEN2 + Rebar (B+BTec)ETA-19/013103/13/2019 
6GAInjection system BIS-HY GEN2 Internally Threaded Rod (B+BTec)ETA-19/013103/13/2019  
7GAInjection system BIS-P (B+BTec)ETA-15/052601/06/2016  
8GAInjection System BIS-P GEN2 (B+BTec)ETA-20/045005/11/2020 
9GAInjection System BIS-P GEN2 Rebar (B+BTec)ETA-20/045005/11/2020  
10GAInjection system BIS-PE 3:1 (B+BTec)ETA-14/035110/20/2014 
11GAInjection system BIS-PE 3:1 (Dd) (B+BTec)ETA-14/035009/22/2014  
12GAInjection system BIS-PE 3:1 + Rebar (B+BTec)ETA-14/035110/20/2014 
13GAInjection system BIS-PE 3:1 + Rebar (Dd) (B+BTec)ETA-14/035009/22/2014  
14GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 (B+BTec) 100 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020 
15GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 (B+BTec) 50 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020 
16GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 Diamond drilled (B+BTec) 50 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020  
17GAInjection System BIS-PE GEN3 Diamond drilled Rebar (B+BTec) 50 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020  
18GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 Internally Threaded Rod (B+BTec) 100 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020  
19GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 Internally Threaded Rod (B+BTec) 50 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020  
20GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 Rebar (B+BTec) 100 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020 
21GAInjection system BIS-PE GEN3 Rebar (B+BTec) 50 YearsETA-19/085001/16/2020 
22GAInjection system BIS-V (B+BTec)ETA-14/032310/10/2014 
23GAInjection system BIS-V + Rebar (B+BTec)ETA-14/032310/10/2014 
24GAATS-evo S (Friulsider)ETA-10/042301/14/2016 
25GAATS-evo SK (Friulsider)ETA-10/042308/26/2014 
26GAFM-753 Crack A4 (Friulsider)ETA-10/029307/17/2015 
27GAFM-753 Crack Nautilus (Friulsider)ETA-09/005603/18/2015 
28GASB2-Plus Screwbolt (Sympafix)ETA-13/092909/29/2015  
29GATB1-Plus A4 (Sympafix)ETA-14/012304/17/2014  
30GAThru-Bolt PROETA-20/090012/17/2020 
31GAThru-Bolt PRO-GETA-20/090012/17/2020  
32GAThunderbolt® Pro - XTM CSETA-18/064311/01/2018  
33GAThunderbolt® Pro - XTM HETA-18/064311/01/2018  
34GATSM B (TOGE)ETA-15/051405/04/2020 
35GATSM High Performance (TOGE Dübel)ETA-15/051405/04/2020 
36GATSM IM (TOGE)ETA-15/051405/04/2020 

ICCONS is a proud supplier of World Leading European assessed products to the Australasian market. DesignFiX allows our customers to select multiple anchoring products from ICCONS growing portfolio of suppliers and compare design options within a single software platform. ICCONS is extremely proud to be working alongside the DesignFiX team with what we believe is one of the most advanced yet user-friendly anchor design software packages available. DesignFiX software users receive regular updates with key product and feature updates ensuring their design is as current as possible. The recent addition of Seismic design options has allowed ICCONS to provide solutions for projects across Australia and New Zealand. ICCONS is very excited to be part of the DesignFiX development and look forward to additional modules being incorporated as the software evolves. DesignFiX is a key component of ICCONS long-term engineering and support strategy.

Andrew Watts

Technical Manager, ICCONS - Serious Connections