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Manufacturer of fastening systems


Upat Vertriebs GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 15
D-79211 Denzlingen



Corporate Identity Design

Available product families in DesignFiX

No.ProductAnchor family / anchor designETAIssuedProperties
1GAInjection Mortar UPM 33ETA-10/017108/27/2015  
2GAInjection Mortar UPM 44ETA-02/002208/19/2015  
3GAInjection Mortar UPM 44ETA-02/002207/28/2020 
4GAInjection Mortar UPM 44-ISTETA-02/002208/19/2015  
5GAInjection Mortar UPM 55ETA-na   
6GAInjection Mortar UPM 55-ISTETA-na   
7GAVerbundanker UKA 3 PlusETA-17/019704/03/2017  
8GAVerbundanker UKA 3 Plus ISTETA-17/019704/03/2017  
9GABetonschraube UCS SKETA-18/076212/12/2018
10GABetonschraube UCS USETA-18/076212/12/2018
11GADrop-in Anchor USAETA-10/017206/23/2012  
12GAAnchor Bolt IMCETA-10/016909/26/2012  
13GAAnchor Bolt IMC GSETA-10/016909/26/2012  
14GAExpressanker MAXETA-10/017004/28/2020 
15GAHülsenanker UHS BETA-17/028808/22/2017 
16GAHülsenanker UHS BETA-17/028809/23/2020 
17GAHülsenanker UHS IETA-17/028808/22/2017  
18GAHülsenanker UHS IETA-17/028809/23/2020  
19GAHülsenanker UHS SETA-17/028808/22/2017 
20GAHülsenanker UHS SETA-17/028809/23/2020 
21GAHülsenanker UHS SKETA-17/028808/22/2017 
22GAHülsenanker UHS SKETA-17/028809/23/2020 
23GAVerbundankersystem UHB-inject- A LETA-18/086412/12/2018 
24GAVerbundankersystem UHB-inject- A SETA-18/086412/12/2018 

Why Choose DesignFiX?

It’s intuitive to use for beginners and professionals alike

Why Choose DesignFiX?

It’s ETA compatible

Why Choose DesignFiX?

It’s reliable, tested and ETA compliant

Why Choose DesignFiX?

It’s ready to use

The solution for your company

Send us your company logo and you will get a free DesignFiX demo version.

ETA compliant

DesignFiX considers important design standards and regulations and therefore can be used in many countries worldwide.

Corporate Identity Design

We create your professional corporate identity design in DesignFiX for your company.

Easy operation

Highest flexibility in choosing the products is guaranteed by a tree structure with many filter options and product information are permanently available.

Contents of the DesignFiX - Trial version

This Trial version is designed primarily for anchor manufacturers and distributors, and includes the product range of a virtual company called Your Company. The demo version contains mechanical and chemical anchors which can be designed in accordance with ETAG 001, Annex C, TR 029 and TR 045. More information about installation and system requirements.