DesignFiX Project ESSVE

Manufacturer of fastening systems


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164 07 Kista



Corporate Identity Design
Skinning according to the specifications of ESSVE

Available product families in DesignFiX for ESSVE

No.ProductAnchor familyETAIssuedProperties
1GAChemical Anchor ESSVE ECMETA-18/063909/24/2018  
2GAChemical Anchor ESSVE HYETA-18/061509/04/2018 
3GAChemical Anchor ESSVE ONEETA-18/061707/12/2018 
4GAChemical Anchor ESSVE ONE - RebarETA-18/061702/15/2019 
5GAChemical Anchor ICEETA-16/030004/12/2016  
6GAAnchor ESA7ETA-17/056908/10/2017  
7GAAnchor EST1ETA-17/056608/10/2017 
8GAConcrete screw EUSA4-CETA-18/113802/13/2019 
9GAConcrete screw EUSA4-HFETA-18/113802/13/2019 
10GAConcrete screw EUS-HFETA-18/106401/28/2019  
11GADrop-in anchor EKDETA-17/054808/10/2017  
12GADrop-in anchor EKD-KETA-17/054808/10/2017  
13GAGolden AnchorETA-12/025708/16/2012  
14GASafety anchor ESL-SETA-17/055109/07/2017 
15GASafety anchor ESL-SKETA-17/055109/07/2017  

Essve is a large supplier of fasteners in the countries in northern Europe, the Baltics and Poland. We wanted to have a design software for our range of concrete fasteners. The choice of company to support us was ZiWu-Soft. We are very satisfied with the co-operation with the people at ZiWu-Soft. They have an information system that makes it easy to communicate with each other. They are fast to act on questions and they have great knowledge in the design of concrete fasteners. We are satisfied with the software and have now released it. Like a house, a computer program is never completed. We are looking forward working with ZiWu-Soft also in the future.
Mats Svensson

Mats Svensson

MSc Civil Engineering, Project Engineer Fasteners, Essve Sweden AB