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The tab  CALCULATION in the module Anchor Design contains three groups:


Edit geometry
This function opens the tabular input window for all CAD data (see 3D-Model).

Print preview
Under the provision that a design result exists, the upper part of the button guides you to the print preview which contains all results. The lower part of the button offers various optional settings (compare print preview).

Valid results
With this function invalid design results are hidden in the Product selection. The hiding of products is not carried out permanent. Once the DesignFiX multiple design was carried out again, also not valid design results are displayed.

More details
This function is still under development. Here you will be able to display further information in the product selection.


Edit geometry
This function opens the tabular input window for all CAD data (see 3D-Model).

All products
DesignFiX calculates at each change (e.g., 3D-Model, loads, attachment, filter settings, etc.) for all products new design results. This multiple design runs automatically and continuously in the background.

Automatic embedment depth
This function calculates for injection systems in combination with the maximum utilization factor you have selected the required anchorage depth for your application.

Customized utilization
The percentage value defines your upper limit on the utilization of the anchors. When exceeding the set value a warning is issued. Utilizations over 100% are not permitted (compare status bar).

DesignFiX Information
If you select a product on the left side of the user interface then the logo of the manufacturer will be displayed at the right edge of the ribbon bar that contains further information. If DesignFiX finds a LiveUpdate then this information will appear at this point by means of an additional link.

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