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EADs versus ETAGs

EADs (European Assessment Documents) are the successor documents of ETAGs (European Technical Approval Guidelines). All published ETAGs will be converted into EADs. For fasteners, the beginning was made by ETAG 001, Part 1 to 4. The corresponding EADs were already published by the European Commission. Part 5 and 6 will follow shortly.

In contrast to ETAG 001 “Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete”, the corresponding EADs do not contain any design rules. The actual Annex C of ETAG 001 “Design Methods for Anchorages” and the Technical Report TR 029 “Design of Bonded Anchors” therefore still apply. In near future, the European Standard EN 1992-4 (Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures – Part 4: Design of fastenings for use in concrete) will be published and substitute Annex C and TR 029 of ETAG 001. As long as Annex C or TR 029 are mentioned in the ETAs as applicable design methods, a design according to these rules is permissible. Therefore, EADs will not affect the design program DesignFiX.

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