DesignFiX – EFCO Released

DesignFiX Project EFCO Manufacturer of fastening systems EFCO Befestigungstechnik AG by Egli, Fischer & Co. AG, Zürich Grabenstrasse 1 8606 Nänikon Corporate Identity Design TILCA Wedge Anchor B TILCA Wedge Anchor BU TILCA Wedge Anchor BZ plus...

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What is DesignFiX?

DesignFiX is an all-purpose anchor design program for manufacturers of fasteners for free distribution to their clients such as engineers, planners or craftsmen. By using the program, the clients can design mechanical and chemical heavy duty anchors under static loads and under the influence of earthquake.
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DesignFiX – TRUTEK Released

DesignFiX Project TRUTEK Manufacturer of fastening systems Trutek Fasteners Polska Sp. z o.o. Al. Krakowska 55 05-090 Raszyn Poland Corporate Identity Design Throughbolt Anchor Bolt Injection System TCM RE Injection System TCM RE + Rebar Injection...

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DesignFiX – B+BTec Released

DesignFiX B+BTec Export Division Manufacturer of fastening systems B+BTec Export Division Munterij 8, 4762 AH Zevenbergen P.O.Box 100, 4760 AC Zevenbergen The Netherlands Corporate Identity Design Chemical Capsule Anchor VD-Q Chemical Capsule...

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DesignFiX – Version 2.1

New Functions in Version 2.1 Attachment: To distinguish attachments made of steel or concrete, an option to select further types of attachment is introduced on the tab ANCHOR LAYOUT. In addition to anchor plates made of steel, concreted attachments (rectangular,...

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DesignFiX – HARD Released

DesignFiX Project HARD Manufacturer of fastening systems HARD COMÉRCIO DE FIXADORES E RESINAS LTDA Rua Dr. Humberto Pinheiro Vieira, 150 Lote 1B Zona Industrial Norte 89.219-570 Joinville/SC Number : 35521 Brazil Corporate Identity Design HARDCAP VI...

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DesignFiX – Apolo MEA Released

DesignFiX Project Apolo MEA Manufacturer of fastening systems Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme GmbH Industriestraße 6 D-86551 Aichach Corporate Identity Design Schlaganker SA plus Schlaganker SA plus mit Kragen Blitzanker BA plus Blitzanker BA plus...

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DesignFiX – Version 2.0

New functions in version 2.0: FEM-Module for the design of the base plate More profiles added Interactive geometry window to enter dimensions and loads New export function for the print module Automatic correction of warnings in the status bar Export functions for...

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