Beton-Kalender 2020

In December 2019, Ernst & Sohn published the new Beton-Kalender 2020. The yearbook contains a series of publications on the current state of knowledge on design and dimensioning in structural building construction. Of particular topical interest is the 114-page essay of the authors Rainer Mallée, Werner Fuchs and Rolf Eligehausen: “Design of anchorages in concrete according to EN 1992-4“.

The standard EN 1992-4 – Design the fastenings for use in concrete was published as part 4 of Eurocode 2 and regulates for the first time in a European standard the design of post-installed fasteners, headed fasteners and anchor channels. The technical paper in Beton-Kalender 2020 comprehensively explains the regulations of the standard and provides detailed background information on the topics:

  • Basics of design
  • Durability
  • Derivation of forces under static and quasi-static load
  • Verifications of ultimate limit state for headed fasteners as well as post-installed mechanical and chemical anchors
  • Redundant systems
  • Verifications of ultimate limit state for anchor channels
  • Fatigue loading
  • Seismic loading
  • Fire resistance
  • Plastic design approach

The Beton-Kalender 2020, and in particular the part about the design of fasteners of structural and non-structural components based on EN 1992-4, is an important aid to any engineer involved in the daily practice of anchorage in concrete construction.