DesignFiX is compatible with the following Microsoft-Windows® based operating Systems:
Winows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 10®

PC: IBM-compatible PC
Screen: 1024 x 768 Pixel, 96 DPI
Graphic adapter: True Colour (24/32 Bit), OpenGL-capable
LiveUpdate: Internet
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) oder 2 GB RAM (64 Bit)

During installation of DesignFiX the following software modules will be installed:

  • Main program to (default) C:\Program Files (x86)\ZiWu-Soft\DesignFiX
  • Windows Installer 3.1 (Basis for DotNet Installation)
  • .NET 4 + deutsches Sprachpaket
  • XpressUpdate (LiveUpdate-Komponente) to: ..\Common Files\XpressUpdate
  • This product includes VistaDB, embedded database for .NET applications developed by (
  • This product includes software developed by DevExpress (
  • This product includes software developed by devDept Software S.a.s. (
  • Many thanks to Alberto and Luca for the Support!
  • This product includes software developed by EC Software GmbH (
    Many thanks to Jörg Ertelt for the support!

Important note

You need administrator rights to install DesignFiX and to perform the LiveUpdate!  You may install DesignFiX on as many computers as you want and use it free of Charge.

UAC – Why must the LiveUpdate be confirmed under Windows® ?

User Account Control (UAC), is a technology and security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft Windows Vista® / Windows 7®.
Its aim is to protect the system for the standard user.
When a LiveUpdate has been performed, Windows® detects the attempt of file changes and warns for reasons of safety and asks for your confirmation.
After confirmation, the LiveUpdate is started with advanced user rights automatically again. UAC was implemented to increase the safety of the systems. This is particularly true for web pages that represent a potential security risk.
Note: We recommend not to de-activate UAC in Windows®!
Otherwise you avoid a useful security setting! Further information to UAC.

What about Windows XP® ?

Windows XP® is no longer supported by Microsoft!
Here you will find an overview of the Microsoft Lifecycle-Information.
In most cases DesignFiX can be installed under Windows XP®.
However, we cannot offer a hotline for this outdated operating system.

Problems during installation?
  1. Please describe the problem as detailed as possible.
  2. Submit your inquiry to the DesignFiX-Hotline.

DesignFiX - Anchor Design

Get your free version

DesignFiX - Anchor Design

Designed for anchor manufacturers

Contents of the DesignFiX - Trial version

This demo version is designed primarily for anchor manufacturers and distributors, and includes the product range of a virtual company called Your Company. The implemented products include chemical and mechanical anchors. More information about installation and system requirements.