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The manufacturer-independent anchor design software. We develop DesignFiX, a software from experts for experts to design fastenings with anchors of various manufacturers. Let us show you a preliminary preview of what you can expect.

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Design software sets a new benchmark: DesignFiX, simple and very intuitive to use. It has never been easier to design anchors.

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You want to be a part of DesignFiX? We will show you how to implement your anchors into DesignFiX.

Post-installed rebar connections

Now available: Design of post-installed rebar connections in reinforced concrete.

Innovative Solutions

Automatic error detection. Error detection and automatic elimination.

Too small base plate?

Automatic error detection with too small plate dimensions. Error detection and autom. elimination.

Fixing with rebars

Optional with anchor plate or concrete.


DesignFiX offers a Finite Element Program (FEM) for the calculation of the base plate thickness.

Windows 11

Windows 11 hybrid application. Compatible with Windows 8,10 and 11.

Anchor Design Software

DesignFiX – The Benchmark for Anchor Design

DesignFiX is an all-purpose anchor design program for manufacturers of fasteners for free distribution to their clients such as engineers, planners or craftsmen. By using the software, the clients can design mechanical and chemical heavy duty anchors under static loads and under the influence of earthquake. It takes into account internationally recognized regulations such as the European directive ETAG 001 and EN 1992-4:2018, method A.

DesignFiX – TOGE Released

DesignFiX – TOGE Released

TOGE is one of the pioneers of concrete screw technology. All TOGE products are in-house developments and are largely produced at the Nuremberg site. Excellent employees, modern machinery and a down-to-earth, committed management team are the prerequisites for ensuring that

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DesignFiX – TRUTEK Released

DesignFiX – TRUTEK Released

DesignFiX Project TRUTEK Manufacturer of fastening systems Trutek Fasteners Polska Sp. z o.o. Al. Krakowska 55 05-090 Raszyn Poland www.trutek.com.pl Corporate Identity Design Throughbolt Anchor Bolt Injection System TCM RE Injection System TCM RE + Rebar Injection...

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